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Dr. Janine Dailey Garnes
It is recommended to continue washing your hands, wearing a mask, and continuing physical distancing even after receiving your vaccine at this time.
Ed Jones
Thank you for joining, and please make sure you list your questions for the panelist.
Ed Jones
Teach Dr. Carroll
Brian C. Reed MD
Henrietta Lacks - it was her cells
Bishop Scott Jones
Dr. Carroll, that is a great answer--just because people were hurt back then is not an excuse to hurt ourselves today. Preach!
Dr. Janine Dailey Garnes
The masks with the valves protect the wearer but are not as effective in protecting those around them. Masks really work best when the person who is infected wears it. And they may not know they are infected.
Brian C. Reed MD
A majority of individuals who have received the vaccine experience some soreness in their arms. Fatigue and headache are also common complaints after the vaccine. There have been very few severe allergic reactions. VSAFE and VAERS are two systems used to track vaccine reactions.
Dr. Janine Dailey Garnes
Some people have experienced muscle aches, especially after the second dose. Symptoms may be more significant after the second dose.
Brian C. Reed MD
DSHS vaccine availability (statewide) https://tdem.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=3700a84845c5470cb0dc3ddace5c376b
Jill Weatherhead
Jill Weatherhead
Thank you Dr. Reed for sharing the State website
Jill Weatherhead
It will be difficult to scale up vaccine roll out to the community without knowing there is a second dose available. So the President elect Biden will need to make sure the second doses are available.
Dr. Janine Dailey Garnes
The city is using some paper processes to provide access to the vaccine among some vulnerable populations, such as those within the Houston housing authority
Frene' LaCour-Chestnut
City of Houston COVID-19 Call Center832-393-4220Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.Tues, Thurs: 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Frene' LaCour-Chestnut
yes your second vaccine should be by the same manufacturer as the first
Brian C. Reed MD
The recommendation is to vaccinate pregnant and breast feeding patients. They are in group 1B.
Dr. Janine Dailey Garnes
it is recommended to discuss the vaccine with your health care provider if you have a history of severe allergy to injected medications. You should not get the vaccine if you have a known allergy to one of the ingredients. Food allergies are not a contraindication.
Brian C. Reed MD
You can not mix and match makers of the vaccine for the 1st and 2nd dose. The 2nd dose is considered a booster. The Pfizer vaccine and Moderna vaccines are mRna vaccines. Not live virus vaccines. They do not give you COVID.
Frene' LaCour-Chestnut
The second dose is the exact same as the first
Theola Petteway
I just received my 1st vaccine at Houston Methodist this morning! There were only 2-4 African Americans being vaccinated. As an African American, I agree that we must encourage others to get the vaccine ---if they're hesitant, we can ask them to do a simple risk-benefit analysis and decide. What do we have to lose? Our lives??? Thanks to all of the panelists for informing us. Dr. Carroll, your "tell it like is" words …..coming from an African American medical professional is strong and powerful!
Dr. Janine Dailey Garnes
storage issues are an issue. They are less an issue with the Modern vaccine. Other vaccines on the horizon are also potentially better able to address those issues.
Brian C. Reed MD
The Moderna vaccine and yet to be approved Astra Zeneca vaccine are more likely to be used at mobile clinics and health fairs.
Brian C. Reed MD
The preferred vaccine is whichever one you can get first. Both the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine are similar in efficacy
Frene' LaCour-Chestnut
The phone number for the City of Houston COVID call center is COVID-19 Call Center832-393-4220Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Frene' LaCour-Chestnut
It is important to continue wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands regardless of when you have received the vaccine
Frene' LaCour-Chestnut
the only 2 vaccines that have been approved for emergency use by the FDA are Pfizer and Moderna
Frene' LaCour-Chestnut
Frank - I would wait until the FDA assesses their studies to determine the efficacy
Brian C. Reed MD
Correct... the estimated efficacy of the Astra Zeneca vaccine is in the 70-80 percent range. That is still quite good. That is higher than the influenza vaccine. It will likely receive an emergency use authorization in late February or March.
Will this health forum be available later on the Facebook platform for others to hear and see later as this discussion/presentation is so very important for the the public sector. Thanks Isaac Smith
Patricia .
Are there areas to volunteer with vaccine administration mega sites if you are not an employee of those facilities. If so is
Patricia .
any contact information available?
Dr. Janine Dailey Garnes
Please understand that the vaccine is known to prevent symptoms after infection and severe infection resulting in hospitalization. We don’t know yet whether it prevents people from getting infected or passing along the disease. So you still need to wear masks, physical distance and wash your hands until we have more information.
Ed Jones
This will forum will be Facebook
Dianne Iglehartdiglehar
This was a great Health Forum Thank you to everyone that attended and participated Thanks to all Let’s keep our community informed and engaged Dianne Iglehart
Hilda Gradnigo
Pastors and leaders if you would like a copy of this recording please email us at hgradnigo@tumchtx.org
Dr. Janine Dailey Garnes
Using the V Safe app will help us know more about the vaccine safety. This will help us all.
gloria mitchell
Thanks to all the panelists for coming. I had already decided to take the vaccine, and now I am more determined.
Paula Ceaser
Thanks to all the panelists for the information.
Joyce Akins
That was what Dr. Carroll said. I give her all the credit!
Courtney Smith
Thanks to all the panelists!
Joyce Akins
Thank you Dianne for working so hard for the Methodist church and the community.
Frene' LaCour-Chestnut
Thank you all for the opportunity. Wishing you all good health and continued safety during this time..
Patricia .
Thank you all